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EDICATED INTRA™ is the ultimate recovery, performance and endurance enhancing product on the planet. Designed for elite athletes who need to perform at 110% of their capacity during every workout and competition.
Ever felt like your body was running on fumes during a workout? Couldn’t get or maintain a pump?
The workout just doesn’t feel right or you seem unable to recover from your previous workout?
DEDICATED INTRA was designed for maximal endurance, performance, hydration, muscle pump and gains!
If performance is everything, than recovery is key. When recovery is enhanced, training intensity and duration can be increased which accelerates performance and muscle gains even more. Unfortunately poor recovery is often the limiting factor in most athletes progression. Training less or with lower intensity is not the solution; better recovery is. Because during a workout the anti-catabolic hormone Cortisol is naturally raised. Cortisol blunts performance and muscle building. Cortisol can naturally be halted by consuming the right type of fast absorbing carbohydrate during a workout. Make no mistake, consuming DEDICATED INTRA™ during a workout will dramatically enhance your results immediately!
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